Brynny and Teddy Cream

Brynny and Teddy Cream have been on the rise in the scene for the past few years but CEMENTED their position by placing in the top 10 DJ’s in the country at last year’s inthemix awards.

Brynny has fast become an important fixture on the Melbourne Bounce scene. Hailing from the Mornington Peninsula, it was only a matter of time before the wunderkind’s passion for all things music and bounce saw him venturing into the city – and once he arrived his enthusiasm and talent was on display for all to see. Brynny brings a musical understanding to the table which is impressive for his young age, and his melody-driven bounce sets have found favour with a more commercial crowd who’s not afraid to have fun; however, don’t write him off as a one trick pony. Brynny has now begun to pioneer his own inimitable kick bass sound, gathering fans across the spectrum, with his more mid-tempo, glitch hop, dubstep and complextro inspired productions having a well-established cult following.

Rewind back to 2010, two young individuals at the ripe age of 13 come together to make a one off track. Unknowing to them this one song would set off a motion of events, and an everlasting friendship, leading to one of the hottest young duos to have ever risen out of the Melbourne club scene. Today these boys go by none other than Teddy Cream. They have grown in stature since those early days and have been voted #6 best DJ act in Australia at the 2015 ITM awards in Sydney.

They have destroyed dance floors all over Australia and have started to travel the world, playing in South Korea, Indonesia, Scotland, Ireland & more.

Together Brynn and Teddy Cream are set to bring their unique Melbourne sound to Sydney at Marquee on October 22nd.

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