They call him the Dirty Dutch or maybe he called himself that? Either way, DJ Chuckie, knows how to ignite the party with his premium mixing skills, distinctive edge and ability to capture the crowd with a bangin` tune. What’s most refreshing about the Dutch is his fearlessness to experiment across different genres. With over 20 years experience Chuckie brings a whirlwind of experience to the Marquee Sydney decks this Saturday for a mega night of house tunes. Grab your TIX HERE!

We sat down with DJ Chuckie earlier this week to talk about goals for 2016:

  1. What productions do you have in the works for 2016?

I’m currently working on a Chuckie & Friends EP. Basically, some high energy club records to add something new to my 2016 club sets. It’s always hard to work on collaboration tracks when you’re on the road because we all have jam-packed tour schedules. Hopefully I can wrap up this project before the Winter Music Conference. Next to that I’m working together with Dutch sensation Childsplay. It’s definitely a different sound I’m doing with them. I call it traphall, a mix of reggea, dancehall, hiphop and trap! I’m also still running through all my hard drives because I made so many drafts whilst touring, it’s time to finish all those ideas!

  1. What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

My New Year’s resolution is basically living a more healthy life. Being on the road so much doesn’t leave a lot of room to watch my eating and drinking habits. I’m not going in hardcore, but just trying to cut down the deep fried food, hahaha! Next to that I would like to squeeze in more studio time, making music is what I love to do the most!

  1. Your music event, Dirty Dutch, continues to grow each and every year. Would you say it is one of your favourite calendar events?

Dirty Dutch parties are always my favorite parties to do. It’s always so different from all other mega events I do. Dirty Dutch is my baby and I always try to book fresh new talent for these parties. The crowd is always into all these new names I come up with. The vibe is very unique because the crowd is always very mixed with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Next to that I really enjoy my Dirty Dutch residencies in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York! I have no plans on slowing down this empire…

  1. Music is your motivation, you’re always looking at different genres for inspiration – is there anything you are listening to at the moment for inspo that you think would surprise people?

Whenever I’m playing at parties, people know I’m always playing mindblowing mash ups and edits. I spend a lot of time making some special tools for my sets. People don’t want to hear just the original version of songs. The biggest surprise in my sets are always when I decide to play something different from my repetoire. When it’s a late night I like to play a dark selection of tech house and techno. When I’m playing in VIP clubs, I like to pull out a fun selection of hiphop records…

  1. Any funny backstage moments you have shared with another international DJ? 

Last time I was on tour in Australia, I was kicking it with my man Carnage. He’s such a fun guy! It’s safe to say we were having fun drinking our asses off!!! Imagine being on tour with him for two weeks straight! Add Gareth (Knifeparty) to the show and it’s a complete mess…hahaha.

  1. If you could sit in on any other producers studio time, who would it be and why?

I would sit next to Deadmau5 all day!!! I just like his whole process of designing sounds.

Grab your TIX to see DJ CHUCKIE, Saturday 23 January HERE.

By Marcella Gallace