Vermont native Morgan Page began making electronic music at the age of 12. After gaining the attention of jockeys at local free-form radio stations, Page prior to graduating from high school began DJing himself on the University of Vermont’s station. There, his horizons and knowledge about dance music broadened significantly, especially when it came to house. Layering memorable pop-driven lyrics over the crisp synths and pounding beats of progressive house, Morgan Page has emerged from under the radar with a unique sound that connects with dance music veterans and newcomers alike.  Check out Morgan Page on the decks this New Year’s Eve along with Australia’s #1 DJ duo, Stafford Brothers, at Marquee Sydney!  

You’ve been successfully Djing and making music for nearly a decade now. What was it specifically about the electronic house music genre that drew you in?

Synthesizers drew me in. The infinite sounds and textures you can create and the beauty of the repetition of house music make it constantly interesting.

Last month you wrapped up The North American 3-D Tour. You’re the first DJ to use the 3D Live Entertainment technology since Michael Jackson himself and the response was huge!  What were some of the highlights?

We brought the 3D show everywhere from 500 cap rooms to 10,000 person coliseums. It was amazing to see the reaction and watch people’s jaws drop. It took 30 animators two months and it was worth every second. Definitely a tour I’ll never forget!

 The Morgan Page MP3QuickTips twitter page is quickly gaining popularity with over four thousand followers. Can you tell us more about  the corresponding audio book you’ve been working on?

@MPQuickTips is a really exciting project for music producers of all abilities. I want this to be the music “bible” you’ll find in every producer’s studio around the world. It’s going to start with a print book and then eventually an app. It’s a huge amount of work and combines my 15 years of music experience with tons of interviews and research.

It’s clear you’ve mastered the role of DJ, Producer and Remixer. Now you’re starting to dabble in singing, using your own voice on a few tracks. How’s that coming along?

My voice will only make cameo appearances – but it’s really fun and rewarding to sing. It helps you get your ideas down quickly. I prefer to use singers who are much better than me.

As the year comes to a close, any new and upcoming producers you’d recommend we keep an eye and ear out for in 2014?

Definitely keep an eye out for Audien. He’s one of the most promising producers out there and a great DJ as well.

Your music is made up of some great electro-house sounds and you’ve mentioned your aim is usually for big punchy drums and melodies that stick in your head. The party-goers at Marquee Sydney are super-amped and looking forward to brining in 2014 to your set! Anything special in store?

Usually I play a mix of my big songs, special mashups and edits, and a few crowd pleasers. I really like playing a variety of sounds and not just doing a flatline splinter genre set. Really excited to play NYE in Sydney!

You can catch Morgan Page at Marquee Sydney on Tuesday, December 31st for New Year’s Eve.

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– Sophia Rayo