Max Vangeli

Daring to chase his musical ambitions all the way to America, the world is now the stage for the irreplaceable House stylings of Max Vangeli. With a worldwide hunger for his bold live endeavors, be it frequent slots at Pacha Ibiza for the Masquerade Motel alongside the Swedish House Mafia, spots at Sensation White or his own solo exploits both in America and overseas, Max is an artist who has excelled in taking the energy of his music wherever he goes. We recently chatted with Max in regard to his plans to focus more on a solo career and learned about his infinite love for 90’s rock bands as well as some of his favorite post-set rituals. Come check him out Sunday, January 26th at Marquee Sydney!

Happy 2014! What projects do you have coming up in the New Year?

Thanks! I actually have a record coming out on Size Jan 27th called Grim, that will be my next release and it’s on my SoundCloud if anyone wants to check it out. The record I am working on after that is a vocal record for Winter Music Conference. I did a lot of work with Antoine in the past and while we still share the same label we wanted to kind of try doing more solo work and focusing on our own projects this year. Basically my main focus in 2014 is more Max Vangeli projects verses what I was doing before which was collaborating more with Antoine. All the projects I am doing are still with Size Records.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle for an artist to break into the top echelon?

I think the most important thing is something a lot of people often overlook, especially now when there are a lot guys making music, is that it’s really important to try and stay as original as possible. That should be the number one thing young kids who are trying to break into the market should focus on. It seems like now every person you talk to these days is a type of DJ or a producer so it’s really key for you to show originality. Another important thing is to try to associate yourself with a strong brand. I am very fortunate to be a part of the Size Matters brand, it really helps me grow as an artist verses jumping from label to label, I get to grow on one platform.

You make a great effort to communicate with your fans via social media. It’s important as an artist to have a real connection to your fans. Unfortunately these days management runs many artist accounts. How do you manage to maintain a personal connection with your fan base?

I think it’s still important for management to do a bit of work on your media for basic things like release dates, upcoming shows and things I may not necessarily remember when I am on the road. To be honest with you I don’t know how the other artists feel about it but personally I have a lot of fun with it. I enjoy talking to the fans, I really enjoy finding out what they think about shows, releases, and get feedback from Code Radio show. It’s so great because I am at a point where if I am in a new city where I am trying to find something I can ask my fans and they’ll guide and even give me great recommendations of places to check out. It’s almost like a Google search for me, if i need a quick answer to something I can just ask them and they help me out.

It seems like the spectrum of genres an artist can cover overall in EDM is widening. Thoughts?

I think it’s a great thing. I don’t necessarily think it hurts the originality of it for the people that at least try to continue with that. At the same time it pushes boundaries even for the guys who were making classic house records for many years because now they may start to realise their sound may be a little outdated or it may need to be a little harder or just a little more of this and that. I also think it’s great to know that I am in an industry that is at the moment probably the biggest genre in the world right now. It’s so crazy how massive it has all become. I remember how it was when I was growing up and I was really big on rock music in the 90’s. I would watch these huge rock concerts of like Rage Against the Machine and think there is no other genre of music that can pull so many people and absolutely destroy these festivals but nowadays you go to these big EDM festivals and we’re witnessing the same thing.

What is the perfect way to end a night post-set? Something tells me it involves a bit of Jagermeister… 🙂

** Laughs** YES it’s very true about that green bottle but I wouldn’t say it’s towards the end of set, I think it’s a slow process of drinking Jager throughout the set. It has a lot to do with the vibe; if you have your friends there and it’s a great venue and the energy is rocking you wanna be part of the party too! It’s always great when you are playing in a city where there are a few different parties going and your friends are also playing. I love to go support them and maybe even play a few records back-to-back. When I am done working I definitely prefer going out and doing something. I don’t like to go straight to bed unless I have to wake up super early. And even sometimes when I have to wake up super early for my next flight I just skip the sleep altogether.

You can catch Max Vangeli at Marquee Sydney on Sunday, January 26th.

– Sophia Rayo