When it comes to notorious fashion, there is no better decade than the 1980s. From MC Hammer pants to shoulder pads, from fuzzy leg warmers to fingerless gloves; the 80s undoubtedly took fashion to a whole new level.

Gents Ladies

This Valentine’s Day, Marquee Sydney has decided to bring back the funk with a special Valentine’s 80s Prom Night event. It’s going to be a night full of bright colours, big hair and a whole lot of dancing so don’t miss out. Whether you loved the 80s, lived in the 80s or can’t stand the 80s you have to admit it was one rowdy era. So for those of you eager to get your groove on this Friday, put on your best prom costume and get ready to strut your stuff. If you still have no idea what to wear here are a few ideas that might help you out:




It’s going to be one banging Valentine’s Day this Friday as EDM superstar DJ G-Wizard headlines in celebration of a night of love. So ladies put on your fanciest dress and gents polish up those suit and ties because best dressed couple wins a $1000 prize. See you all there!

Mr. Q.