His explosive performances at nightclubs and ability to draw in a crowd of thousands from his head banging beats have made G-Wizard one of Australia’s most in-demand DJs. In the last decade, the Wizard has travelled across the country and made his mark on hot spots such as Marquee Sydney (Sydney), Liv Nightclub (Gold Coast) and HQ Complex (Adelaide).


His undeniable turntable skills have landed him opportunities to remix for the likes of Marvin Priest, Kronic, Tom Piper and Bombs Away. But his most recent track Checkmate! features two of the biggest names to come out of the West Coast – Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. Because of the Wizard’s signature energy and onstage presence artists from all ends of the globe want to grab a piece of his musical magic.


This Friday we welcome back our favourite DJ G-Wizard to the Marquee Sydney dance floor as we kick start our birthday weekend. And to get your heart pumping for the weekend, here are a few of G-Wizard‘s mind-blowing tracks:

Track list:

  1. G-Wizard Feat. Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg – Checkmate (Radio Edit)
  2. G-Wizard – C’est La Baisse
  3. G-Wizard Feat. J.Dwight, Losty & Eko – Game Over
  4. G-Wizard, Komes & Pantheon – Sparta (Original Mix)
  5. G-Wizard – Great Relief (Bombs Away Mix)
  6. Dj Butcher – Booty Hop (G-Wizard and Joey Kaz Remix)
  7. G-Wizard & Joey Kaz – Unihorn
  8. Hands High – City Lights (G-Wizard and Joey Kaz Mix)
  9. G-Wizard, Joey Kaz Feat. Moses York – Serotonin (Komes Remix)
  10. I Am Sam – Launch (G-Wizard and Joey Kaz Remix


Mr. Q.