Across the better half of the last decade, G-Wizard has traversed the countryside, flipping beats, bootlegs and party jams to create a show of pure electronic energy. Legend of the Wizard’s magic rapidly spread throughout the lands, and before long, artists like Rihanna, Will.I.Am, Usher, Chris Brown, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Red Foo were commissioning the wax master to warm their stages and soundtrack their private parties.


September 5th will see BLVD SYD roll out in to the clubbing stratosphere and one of Marquee Sydney’s main men G-WIZARD will be a main players as a resident DJ in the forward movement of the brand…..we took five minutes out of our day to find out what makes G-Wizard tik tok…


So far for 2014 it has been a solid run for you musically…your colab with Tenzin + Niki Minaj  ‘Black Cyrus’ sitting at #26 on the Aria Club Chart plus remixes for Bombs Away, Komes and Matt Sofo…what’s next from the studio?

Loads more tunes coming & about to unleash a whole new project before the end of the year. Whole new sound 🙂 Also thinking of manufacturing my own brand of Ranch Dressing called “Wiz Ranch”  I think I have nailed Paul Newman’s recipe.

What’s the craziest experience you have had on tour so far?

Oh just that night in the Boom Box at Marquee when  Leonardo DeCaprio, Jamie Fox & Jonah Hill rocked up while I was playing, shut the club & took over then bought everyone in there a bottle of Don.

What’s your vibe for BLVD SYD launching on September 5th?…and where do you see it heading?

Can’t wait for this aiy! Every event Marquee have ever put on has been super sick and I love playing there. Plug Plug Plug!

Aside from living the life that many up and comers dream of..what does G-Wizard do to relax? 

Early morning walks in the park, Zumba classes, Pole Dancing Classes, Pilates, Spa Days, Pedicures & Getting my hair did.

G-Wizard headlines Marquee Sydney on Friday 22nd August. Book tickets here.