House duo Feenixpawl have graced us with their knack for music production for years. But what may have passed your attention are the amazing music clips that accompany many of their famed tracks.

To celebrate Feenixpawl coming to Marquee Sydney (tix here), here are  five times Feenixpawl surprised us with their music clips:


Their most popular hit to date, In My Mind with Ivan Gogh is accompanied by a stellar video clip that not only frames the excitement that comes with youth but captures stunning landscape and cityscape shots. The music clip and track screams two words – summer vibes. Yey!


Feenixpawl have entered 2016 swinging, with several new projects already in the works. The boys dropped the music video to one their latest tracks Ghosts last month. It features Aden Forte and Josh Soon themselves and is a humours treat to watch.


When we said the boys have been busy in 2016, we weren’t joking. The music video to Blue Sky only dropped a few days ago. A collaboration with Jason Forte (Aden Forte’s brother) the clip features all three boys getting up to no good! You’ll just have to watch and see!


Ivan Gough and Feenixpawl make a great team, together they’re almost unstoppable. In 2014, they produced Hear Me, the Feenixpawl boys only make a small appearance, but with a slap to the face each it’s totally worth the watch.


Only four minutes in length, Feenixpawl’s Recap Movie 2014 gives you a quick insight into exactly what the boys get up to on tour and is worth the watch.

Grab your TIX HERE to see FEENIXPAWL at Marquee Sydney, Saturday 27 February.

By Marcella Gallace