“When I first started making music, no one would give me a chance. So, my friends and I started our own club night and booked ourselves just so we could share our own music. Over the years I’ve played at some of the biggest events in the world. And now feels like the right time to bring you my own show. And what better place to launch than where it all began for me – Australia. The first event I played at – it was called Altitude.”- MaRLo, 2016

Last year we saw the debut of MaRLo’s first Australian solo tour – Altitude. The event sold out across all major cities and was so well-received that he is now gearing up for his 2nd annual tour this weekend.

As he embarked on his national tour last August, MaRLo’s four-hour sets included music from his earlier days, major trance tracks and his harder and faster “tech energy” sound. The tour was supported by some of the genre’s best vocalists such as Christina Novelli, Emma Hewitt and Chloe.

More than 15,000 fans gathered in celebration of what MaRLo deemed as the “highlight of his career”. Relive the entire Sydney show below and get ready for this year’s biggest afterparty.

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By Kha-Han Dao